Empowering and Raising Confident Female Leaders
across the African Continent

When Females Lead is a network that aims to build ambitious, confident women who are incredibly passionate about achieving excellent careers and becoming leaders in society. Regardless of whether you’re just about to get started with your career, have a job you’re feeling like making a change, we all need the support network.

The place of women in society has been relegated to contributing minimally to the social development of the country. Women constitute at least half the entire population of almost every country, and we believe that we need to empower women to take up Leadership positions in development initiatives in any country. WFL aims to enhance women’s ability to make strategic life choices toward leadership.

We Rise by Lifting Others

Our logo and Brand design explained

The Crown represents the gear that African females wear, symbolizing leadership. It also represents women that have gone before us, as Leaders.

  • The lines running around are a race track, every female has her own race to run and must keep her course

  • The letters WFL in the middle supported by lines shows When Females Lead is there to support every female succeed on the African continent. “Alone you can go fast, but together we can go far”

  • The face is a young females face, speaks to the longevity of the vision

  • Two primary colours where chosen;
    Brown symbolizes the soil, where everything is grounded and rooted and it represents the grounding and strength Females possess.
    Green signifies growth, future, freshness, and two of our pillars, Innovation, and Agriculture

Uplifting Vulnerable Children​

Our Pillars

Females in Agriculture​

We believe empowering women farmers and workers economically will have an impact on different levels of social and economic organisations, enhancing women’s decision-making power, control over households. The trickle-down effect is immense. They say ‘if you educate a woman, you educate a society’

Children are the most vulnerable especially in rural community areas and thus require support with regards to access to quality education.

Helping Women never doubt they are Valuable and Powerful

Supporting females in innovation and technology is critical given that females are under-represented in both fields.

Zambia launched a scholarship program powered by Beautiful World Canada

Females Lead Women in the boardroom workshop at the Quorum!

When Females Lead (WFL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Helping discover the leader in you.
Women are the now and future

" There is so much of space for females right now, it is all about knowing what space you want to fill and how you are going to occupy that space, thank you to WFL to teaching me on how to lead, innovate and serve. "
WFL LOGO - Brand Document

Girl Be Bold - Never feel intimidated

Recently, I alongside other partners launched a network called ‘When Females Lead” whose aim is to build ambitious and confident women who are passionate about...

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Start From Where You Are!

In life, nothing happens by accident; everything is grounded in purpose and destiny. That includes how one starts off in life and indeed the challenges they may have to confront along the way....

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