WFL Education Scholarships

Picture: Beneficiaries at the launch receiving their sponsorship letters.

When Females Lead (WFL) Zambia launched a scholarship program powered by Beautiful World Canada (BWC), a not for profit organization based in Canada, that is aimed at providing scholarships for young vulnerable girls to obtain tertiary education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics known as STEM fields. BWC supports scholarships for girls across sub Saharan Africa for vocational, college and university programs by partnering with local organizations. Their projects are currently in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia through WFL.  

The scholarship program was launched in February 2022 in Lusaka where ten young ladies, nine of who were in attendance, from various provinces across Zambia were awarded fully funded scholarships to Kwame Nkrumah University, National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) and Evelyn Hone College. The launch was graced by the Minister of Science and Technology, When Females Lead Founder Mizinga Melu, Vice-Principal of Evelyn Hone College, Dean of Students, President of the Women’s Medical Association of Zambia, Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer of Explorer School, When Females Led Directors, the young ladies awarded scholarship and WFL Alumni Ambassadors. 

When Females Lead Founder Mizinga Melu was delighted to share the scholarship program was commencing with $25,000 that was received from BWC and was very proud of the young ladies awarded the scholarship as a result of their outstanding grades. She reminded the girls to keep working hard and keep up the momentum. 

The WFL team ensures the well-being of the girls by undertaking regular school visits in order to assist the girls to settle in school and follow up on their progress. 

The scholarship program powered by BWC aims to provide the following support to the girls:

  • Mentorship and career guidance 
  • Creating an inclusive and safe environment that fosters positive relationships, healthy discussions, and a sense of belonging for the student among other young fellows;
  • Foster individual & career growth /development for the students;
  • Helping the students gain confidence by improving their ability to use their voice to speak up and express their views, thoughts, and opinions;
  • Create an environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking;
  • Help students overcome some of the challenges they encounter during their studies;
  • Fostering individual growth & career development in STEM field areas of study. 
  • Imparting knowledge on overcoming challenges on a personal and society level, sanitary health and early marriage prevention.

School visit to Evelyn Hone College

School visit to Kwame Nkrumah University

Newspaper article featuring When Females Lead in partnership with Beautiful World Canada donating three laptops to three of our scholarship beneficiaries.

Quarter one activities

During the first quarter of the year, one exciting group activity that took place was a youth health talk organized by WFL on the 20th of March 2022. The talk was held at Evelyn Hone College where the girls had a candid health talk with Dr. Cheswa Vwalika, President of the Women in Medicine Association of Zambia.

Dr. Cheswa discussed issues that affect the girls such as peer pressure and the consequences of making poor decisions that can hinder them from graduating, in particular falling pregnant at an unplanned time. She talked to the girls about the various methods of prevention of unplanned pregnancies and how they can protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. The girls were very engaged and shared the following take-ways at the end of the discussion: The choices that you make today will affect your tomorrow, focus on what you want to be, there is a time for everything and right now their focus should be on school, you become a product of your choices, among others.

Health talk with Dr Cheswa in Evelyn Hone classroom


When Females Lead (WFL) is currently undertaking fundraising activities for additional course requirements such as laptops and calculators to support the girls in their studies. 

Kindly contact us should you wish to be part of this amazing journey in educating the girl child, the future leaders of tomorrow.

From  7th November, 2023 to Tuesday 14th November, 2023.


Our BWC students recently had a corporate visit to the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, where they got the chance to understand how their various study programs can fit into the aviation space as there is limited information regarding this aspect. During the visit Public Relations Manager, Ms. Sepiso Zimba highlighted that the Civil Aviation Authority shares a strong belief in promoting education for the girl child. She said females equally have an important role to play in the economy with aviation being an important sector that contributes to Zambia’s socio- economic development. She said females can make a significant contribution if they have more representation in the aviation sector and it starts from pupils and students in schools, universities and colleges developing interest in the aviation Industry. She added that the career span in aviation is very wide, ranging from pilots, engineers, medical doctors, aviation security, Air Traffic Controllers, firemen, environmental health experts to mention but a few. As When Females Lead we believe in the continued encouragement of females to pursue careers in STEM.